Take the Monkey and Run

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Take the Monkey and Run

A Call of the Wilde Mystery, #4

This was the first cozy mystery book I read by Laura Morrigan. However, it’s the fourth book in her “Call of the Wilde” Mystery series starring Morrigan’s sleuth and animal telepath Grace Wilde. I thoroughly enjoyed the book even though it had some scenes of animal abuse in it, which might stop some readers from reading the book.

First of all, Grace is back in her first “real” case as an animal telepath. She was asked by a customer to talk to a customer’s sister’s cat to find out if or not the sister is missing and to find out if the cat knew where she was at in the city of New Orleans. Yet, Grace thought there was something fishy going on with the customer and the doctor the customer was hanging with at their first meeting. Grace then left the cat at the sister’s apartment. She notices she is being followed while she is on her way back to the hotel. This is just the beginning of this story.

Next, I really liked Grace and her sister Emma. I also liked her boyfriend Kai who works for the police as a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) back in her hometown in Florida. Plus Emma’s boyfriend Hugh who was a veterinarian. Nonetheless, I totally fell in love with Grace’s dog, Moss, and her cat, Voodoo, who kept the story moving along until the end.

Finally, the overall editing on this book was great. I did not notice any grammar errors that could have slowed this book down. In addition the writing flow of this book was great. It was slow at the beginning, but picked up some speed in the middle when you get to some suspenseful scenes. It stayed that way until the end.

Book Blurb for Take the Monkey and Run

Grace Wilde must use her psychic abilities to track down a pesky primate in the latest Call of the Wilde Mystery.

Grace Wilde is excited to head to New Orleans for her first “real” case as an animal telepath. She intends to help a woman find her missing sister, but when she attempts to communicate with her client’s cat, Coco, Grace gets distracted by the presence of a much wilder animal.

Coco confirms that a mysterious monkey has been swinging around the Big Easy. Grace thinks she might be able to help corral the cheeky Capuchin in addition to solving her case. But things get complicated when she receives a cryptic warning that her client isn’t what she seems. Now it’s up to Grace to separate the truth from the monkey business...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 5.00