Sweet Revenge

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Sweet Revenge

Book One of the Friends and Lovers Series

Teresa, an actress, wants to play a great part in a movie that will put her in superstardom. However, she first has to meet with the mysterious director who wrote the play at a luncheon. It turns out the director is from her past, Ryan, and he has a deal for her. She can star in his play if she becomes his mistress from the beginning of shooting the movie through the last day of shooting. The rest of the book tries to answer the question of whether these two can fall in love or do they go their separate ways.

Sweet Revenge was a good book about an actress and a director. At times the storyline became a bit predictable and I would have enjoyed a bit more sizzle. Overall, Sweet Revenge was a nice book with a fun theme.

Book Blurb for Sweet Revenge

The passion they once shared has never died, and neither has their hate. Lies and mistrust still linger between these two when actress, Teresa Montague, is offered the leading role in Ryan Dumont's directorial debut film. But there's just one catch. The role is hers, but it is going to cost her. Bent on revenge, Ryan makes it clear that he plans to use her body to make her pay for betraying him years ago. Teresa desperately needs this role if she doesn't want to pack her things and head back home. This is her last chance, Ryan knows it, and he is going to use it to his every advantage to get the one thing that he wants the most-her.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.50