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Darkborn Legacy, #2

First off this is not a stand along read. When I read the summary on the back I was intrigued enough to want to read Sunblind. I, however, ran into a major problem with this tale. I did not know this was the second book in a series of books that needed to be read in order. Some type of reader notification would have been appreciated. So I was a little lost on who each character was and what part they played in the first tale. Sunblind just starts with a werewolf being chased by people who want to kill it and the wolf wonders to itself which came first: the werewolf or the girl? I think this problem could be fixed if we were given a prequel chapter or intro that gave the reader a summary of the previous book. Because without this important information this whole tale just didn’t come together for me.


Dominy (Dom) is cursed with becoming a werewolf every full moon. She was cursed by a witch named Luba. Dom still has her friends including Jess, a Japanese sun goddess who comes to her aide in times of need. Dominy gets a warning from Jess that her brother Barnaby has to be saved from Luba and her cohorts, but how can she help him when he keeps trying to kill the monster she has become?

Book Blurb for Sunblind

Dominy had no choice in becoming a werewolf. The day she turned sixteen, a witch's curse erased every trace of normal from her life and ignited a wild hunger that's already cost Dominy her best friend. And though she's still got her boyfriend, Caleb, and other allies who promise to help her find a cure, Dom feels completely alone. Yet she isn't alone...Throughout her hometown of Weeping Water, Nebraska, a legacy of evil is slowly coming to light, pitting friend against friend in an unfolding battle. Dom was sure her only hope was to fight what she's become. But with an enemy threatening her family, she'll have to harness the power she fears and gather all the strength she's got...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 2.50