Snowbound: Troika

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Snowbound: Troika

Theme(s): M‚nage, Werewolves, BBW

The story starts at a train station in Alaska where a woman, Selina, is waiting to meet a guy named Mikhail. However, Mikhail does not show up but sends her a man with no name, we are never told, who shows up with two wolves on leashes. The two wolves take her to a cabin and turn into men. They convince her she is one of their species and have the m/f/m sex.

I was really disappointed with this story as I picked it up for its paranormal theme. It is more about the m/f/m sex scene then a paranormal story; the paranormal was just thrown in to get you to buy the book.

Book Blurb for Snowbound: Troika

Selina comes to a remote village in Alaska to organize a wolf sanctuary in the snow-covered wild. She doesn't pay attention to the full bright moon or this sudden urge to howl at it. She doesn't believe the two gorgeous men claiming to be wolf shifters or that she's of their blood. But when she is snowed in with Mikhail and Christian who are intent on loving her until she howls in her true form, how much more convincing can a woman take?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 2.00