Shaken and Stirred

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Shaken and Stirred

Sector Guard, #19

Tosha and Alara, Tosha's cousin, were on a tour of a world where one day a year flesh eating bugs would come out and eat everything in their path. However, this was not the day the bugs were supposed to come out until one of the men on the tour crushed a nest of the bugs by mistake. Instead of eating each other, the bugs started to go after the people and Tosha had to use her talent. Tosha shook up the ground and created a trench to stop the bugs from getting to them. Government authorities on Tosha's planet put talented people in labs to study them. They were going to do this to Tosha except Alara talent let her see what would happen in the future so she told Sector Guard to be there at the day and time so they could pick up Tosha. Tosha is picked up by Vortex who takes her to a Sector Guard base where she is asked to join the Sector Guard and become Vortex's partner. She agrees and they are sent on their first assignment to catch a killer that has some talent.

The author has woven a tale of romantic suspense that will keep you entertained until the end. The characters are fleshed out and intelligent. We also meet again some of the characters that have appeared in other Sector Guard books.

Book Blurb for Shaken and Stirred

Tosha wanted a nice day off with her cousin, but a homicidal bug wave forces her to expose her talent to the others on her tour. Before her government can lock her up she is swept off by a tornado and whisked into the stars. Joining the Sector Guard had never been an option, but now it was her only choice. Her name is changed to Shake and her first assignment is a doozy. With Vortex at her side she accepts the emergency assignment and finds herself facing a proven killer who has no problem adding her to the roster. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.50