Shadow of My Heart

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Shadow of My Heart

Shadow-Walker Tribe, #1

This is the start to a new paranormal romance series and it’s a wonderful one! It has terrific characters and great story line that grabs your attention from the beginning of the story to the very end.

The hero, Raven, is a Native American. He and his tribe members grab your attention from the beginning of the story. They are protective of their female members. However, the males do not put them in cocoons like other “macho” males in other stories. The reason is the females have been taught to use the same ability the men have. So it would be hard to stop them since they can to walk into the “Shadow Dimension” and disappear from them…LOL.

The heroine, Cara, she is independent like the other women. However, when she is near her boss she gives him some leeway since he’s her boss and needs to be the center of attention.

There are no slowdowns in the pacing of the story. It starts out fast and goes that way to the end. The love scenes in the book are up to today’s standards and there are no “kinky” scenes.

This story first starts out with the hero, Raven, as a boy going through his initiated into the “Shadow Dimension” like other people in his tribe. The “Shadow Dimension” can be a cold, dark, dangerous place for people who are not familiar with its ways. When people are initiated into to “Shadow Dimension” and are not accepted by it, they can lose their bearings and never be seen again. However, if the “Shadow Dimension” accepts you and you are a male member of the tribe, it will put a tattoo on the male’s chest. This tattoo will also burn again when the male is around their “true” mate. If the warrior takes his “true” mate into the “Shadow Dimension,” it will burn a tattoo of a little heart on the breast of the female and she will gain the ability to “Shadow Walk” too!

Years later at a party being thrown by his company, Isanti, he meets Cara and he asks himself, “Is she my “True Mate” since he starts feeling emotions he has never felt before in her present?

5 Stars!

Book Blurb for Shadow of My Heart

Raven Darkwood, Shadow Walker, leader, and shaman of the Nuni Nagi Tribe, as well as CEO of Isanti Inc., the conglomerate his tribe owns and manages, is also a spy for the government. His mentor Isanti Quiet Thunder has prophesied the perfect mate for him. But how can he find her when he doesn’t have time to date? And how can he bring an innocent into his crazy violent world?

Cara Hamilton wants nothing more than to be with Raven Darkwood the CEO of Isanti, Inc. But she quickly finds Raven lives and works in a dangerous world and that is before she learns of his special ability to walk into another dimension. Can she conquer her fear and put her trust in Raven and his tribe?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00