Sexed Up

Erotic - Futuristic

It is 2383 and The Great Cataclysm has destroyed half the world and left men extinct due to divine intervention. The World Congress has banned all genetic attempts on human male DNA as a result women are running the world and exploring their sexuality with robots. However, women still miss a human male touch and body. There is one woman named Randi who trying to change that by creating a man who is part robot and part human male DNA. Will she be able to create one and keep it from being executed?

This was an interesting story that is part science and part romantic erotic. It has it all except an adrenaline rush that would come from running around trying to hide from the World Congress. If it had that you would have a page-turner in my opinion.

Book Blurb for Sexed Up

In 2383, all the men on Earth are dead. The Anti-Male world government, convinced it was "God's will", has outlawed all research into re-creating males.

Working illegally, Randi Mayers, the world's foremost sex-replacement designer, aims to create the closest thing to a real man the technology is capable of. William, the result of advanced nanite technology incorporated with DNA, is the ultimate "sex replacement" and everything Randi dreamed of. His sexual prowess leaves her breathless — and very, very satisfied.

But William is much more than a machine, dammit — he's a man! As his "testing" continues and he demonstrates more and more human characteristics, they fall in love, but discovery and industrial espionage place them on a collision course with the Anti-Male faction, with dire results.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 3.00