Seal the Deal

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Seal the Deal

Sector Guard #24

The Sector Guard has been trying for years to recruit Sekhara (AKA Hara to her friends) into the Sector Guard, but she would not hear of it. She always said she could help people with her talent of mind; counsel people who have dire, stressful jobs like the Sector Guard people. Sekhara mind's power can let her travel half the universe to reach people in stressful times as long as she has a brain scan of their mind. However, she has come to realize that she cannot do it anymore on her planet because of the links people used to help other talents boost their mind powers. They want her to help only the people they choose for her to help. She agrees to go with the man the Sector Guard has sent to her, Criton. Criton's Sector Guard nickname is Contract hence the name of the title. Hara takes her mind bond mate nylander, something like a dog, Maximus Extremus (AKA Maxi) with her since they cannot be left alone now. Criton, Hara, and Maxi make a great team together.

The author has created a wonderful story in her Sector Guard series. I am sad it is coming to an end. The worlds, powers, background, and especially the people are all wonderful to read about in this series. I cannot wait for the last one to come out, but also want more.

Book Blurb for Seal the Deal

Contract has been trying to get into her legal briefs for months, but choosing the Sector Guard over her friends and family is a no-brainer for Sekhara.

Life counseling the abused and grieving has worn on her nerves, so when she is offered life in the Sector Guard once again, Sekhara jumps at the chance. After some heated negotiations, Contract and Counsel begin life as partners with Counsel's pet, Maxi, along for the ride. They find a lost Terran, get blasted across the universe, and have to be rescued by a member of Udell base, and that is just Counsel's first day.

What kind of a career is it when you have to keep your hands off your partner while you fight for your life?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00