Sapphire Dare

Sapphire, a dragon swan, is on an alien world looking for humans who made rifts in the universe to travel. The rifts are causing holes in the universe so she must escort her human targets home and that will seal one rift. Sapphire's mother came to Earth with four dragon swans in her uterus and told the high officials of Earth in there time that the rifts they are creating will kill the whole universe if they do not close them. Her mother said she and her children could go hunting for the humans but there would need to be the five of them to do it. The humans and her mother agree to clone the dragon swans before they are born. They do and now Sapphire has nineteen sisters instead of three .

The humans use crude weapons created on the planet and shoot Sapphire with a poison dart. She takes her mother's advice and finds the best dragon healer there is at that time. The healer, Galen, is on the same planet she is on looking for a female to mate with. He comes to her rescue. He takes her to his home on a dragon world where he has to fight other male dragons for her. Sapphire is made well; her other escape sisters with their mates come and visit her. The poison she was hit with changed her body chemistry and now she can see the rift holes in worlds. Sapphire and her sisters agree to a bigger hunt for the humans along with their mates. As the hunt is going on, Sapphire keeps opening rifts up and on one rift she sends a signal out that she is there on that world. More male dragons come to fight for her hand but Galen will not give up guarding her to become her mate. Sapphire gets into the fight and chooses Galen as her mate.

Both of the authors have created a tale that will leave you wanting more stories in this series. The story keeps you entertain until the very end. The heroine and her hero come together perfectly and they fit each other weakness' and flawlessly. They are better paired together then alone. Terrific Book!

Book Blurb for Sapphire Dare

Instead of going back to Earth after one of her targets shoots her with a poison-tipped dart, Sapphire takes her mother’s advice and seeks out the greatest healer their people have. How was she to know that just being near him would send her senses reeling and tie her stomach into knots? When five males arrive to convince her that Galen is not the right dragon for her, will Sapphire run for cover or will she fight alongside the dragon male who saved her life and preserved her freedom to choose?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25