Runaway Scandal

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Runaway Scandal

Genre : Romance - Traditional Regency

A duke's daughter, Octavia or Tavie to her friends, has run away from home because she cannot bide in a house where her father keeps her under guard. She thinks she is running to a governess job and life but her employer has no progeny or a wife, he just wants his hands on the young woman. He has forgotten to pick her up at their meeting point however as she is waiting comes a gentleman named Dominic the eight Marquis of Brightwood to her rescue. He finds out about her employer and decides the best plan is to take her to his aunt Sarah who is mad that Dominic became the Marquis instead of her son. Sarah decides to get two elderly aunts involved to give a scolding to Dominic and have him sent to the states. Can Dominic and Tavie love survive a scandal in proper 1808 England?

This starts off with Aunt Sarah writing a letter to the aunts. Then Dominic tells one of the aunts, Aunt Elphinia, how he met Tavie in a flashback.

I felt like I was coming into the middle of the story and not the start. It would have been interesting to read how Tavie and Dominic met under the circumstance of their romance being a scandal.

Book Blurb for Runaway Scandal

Lady Octavia Seldon has been kept close to home "for her own good" and "just because" for too many years. She answers a false advertisement for a governess position and escapes. When she is rescued by the notorious roué Dominic Thornton, Marquis of Brightwood, the Thornton family blessing takes hold. The two fall deeply in love and are wed. Scandalously, they forget to inform friends and relatives. Still more scandalous, Tavie, as she prefers to be called, is the daughter of a twenty-five-year-old scandal, compounding the problem.

With the ton outraged and Dominic's behavior seemingly beyond forgiveness, spinster sisters Elf and Ally Thornton rush to the aid of their favorite relative.

But suddenly more than scandal is involved when the young couple begins experiencing a series of what might be fatal accidents.

Publisher Note: Previously released elsewhere, now revised.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 2.50