Roses in Moonlight

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Roses in Moonlight

Roses in Moonlight is a Sweet Romance--no graphic sex; hand holding, kissing, and married sex which is not talked about in the book.

I have read all the stories in this series except for one in the very beginning and my review score on them has gone up and down through the years. Lately they have been on a downward spiral since the last few in the series have been very boring to read since you are not reading about families you know (MacLeods, McKinnion, or DePiaget) but offshoots of them starring a family called the Drummonds. They are an English family that was introduced in the last few books who have cousins living in America. An American cousin is the heroine of this story and her name is Samantha. She is in London on a house-sitting job for the summer and visiting a museum and meets the hero of the story Derrick. They are pushed together by two of the three ghosts that were introduced in the novella “The Wise Men” that was included in the author’s “Love Came Just in Time: Anthology”, a laugh out tale by the way. I wish we had more time with the ghosts but they only show up in beginning and at the end of the book.

Samantha thinks she is just house-sitting for a couple of actors so when the lady of the house asks her to deliver a package she thinks nothing of it. But lo and behold she is actually smuggling some rare lace that has been stolen from a collector. The collector hires Derrick to find the thief. So after looking at a list of people who have visited the collector lately he thinks the actors have stolen it. He sees Samantha at their house and follows her to the museum and talks to her. He continues to follows her all over England to find out who her contacts are but he isn’t the only one following her. Can Derrick help Samantha get out of this mess or turn her into the police?

Overall this story rates a 4.

Book Blurb for Roses in Moonlight


Derrick Cameron, antiquities dealer and adventurer, is furious when the priceless piece of Elizabethan lace he's been pursuing slips right by him, in the improbable custody of a mousy textile historian! But he will retrieve it, even if it means dragging a very skeptical, albeit adorable, Samantha back in time with him. After all, he is used to living dangerously—in whatever century he finds himself.

Conscientious Samantha Drummond never dreamed the package her British employer gave her would lead her into places an ordinary gal should never go—like Elizabethan England!—or throw her into the company of one extremely attractive, but highly suspect Highlander who not only thinks she's a thief, but insists on involving her in his mad schemes to retrieve his stolen treasure.


Trapped first in Elizabethan England, then caught in a web of modern-day intrigues, Samantha and Derrick are forced into an unlikely alliance by peril, never imagining that what they're forging is a timeless love....

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00