Ripped and Roar

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Ripped and Roar

Sector Guard # 21

Cila is living in a one person relay station. She is guarding the relay person there. She has a special ability that has kept her in solidarity confinement since she was a child. Cila's ability allows her to punch holes in metal, blast eardrums, and push moons out of orbit just by speaking. This ability of hers has come to the Sector Guards attention and they think they can find a way to help her be around people without killing them. Cila uses hand signals to talk to people at the base that her partner Ripper takes her to. Ripper has the ability to grow in size to fight any danger around him and he believes Cila is his mate. After finding ways to help Cila, the Sector Guard gives her the name Roar. Roar and Ripper are sent out on their first assignment to help some animals get back to their hunting grounds.

Viola Grace continues to improve in her storytelling and leaves you wishing there was more than four books left in this series. It's a good thing she has another one coming out with hopefully a similar story line to it.

Book Blurb for Ripped and Roar

Cila Wen has lived her life unable to speak for fear destroying those around her. The Sector Guard has offered her a position and assistance in controlling her talent, but Cila is not sure if that is even possible. Ripper, her soon-to-be partner, is convinced otherwise and does everything in his power to help her out of her shell and into his bed. 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.00