Ring of Seduction

Peridot - Short Story

Mellika has bought a ring from her landlady Madame Lila’s store. Zeb, the hot nephew of the landlady, tells Mellika that the ring she has is special. It’s a peridot gem; the ring of sultans that grants the wearer their heart’s desire, attracts lovers to the wearer, and fulfills the wearer wildest fantasies. Mellika is having fantasies about Zeb. Zeb agrees to fulfill Millika desires within reason and he get to choose what they do together.

This is terrific page-turner. It has only 62 pages of quick reading material that is just the perfect as a quicki.

Book Blurb for Ring of Seduction

Mellika’s lusted after Zeb for some time now, mostly because of his exotic good looks. So when he pauses to admire her peridot ring at an Arabian Nights-themed party, she can’t wait to find out what’s under his genie costume. She’s about to get more than she bargained for, though—Zeb is an actual djinni. As in the magic-making kind.

Luckily for Mellika, her ring isn’t the only thing holding Zeb’s interest. The peridot may give them a special connection, but true passion can’t be conjured by magic. Zeb is about to make all her wishes come true, and then she’ll be a believer for good.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.00