Return to Me

Roman Time Travel Series, #3

Morgan O’Neill (author duo) have created a brilliant and rewarding conclusion to the tale that they started with Love, Eternally. Our magnificent and honorable hero is back, Magnus, along with his time-traveling wife, Gigi. Gigi is a strong independent woman from our time who whiling playing a flute in a Roman mausoleum got tossed back in time. Their tale of romance was written about in the first tale of this series. We also learned about Roman Princess Galla Placida and her brother, Honorius. He is the Emperor of the Western Roman Empire. Honorius is also the main villain of this series. In the second tale of the series (After the Fall) you will read about the second romance in the series which stars Placida and the Visigoth barbarian Athaulf who is second in line to the throne.

One of the problems I had with the other tales in the series is that the sex scenes were not graphic enough for my taste. However, in this tale the authors have gotten more graphic with a few sex scenes. But they are few and far between in the book. Second problem I had with these stories is that some of the minor characters come off as wooden, no pun intended by the way. ;^) They are not animated enough for the roles they play in the stories. Yet there is one thing I am glad about and that is the torture scenes in the stories are not very graphic. Because when Honorius appears in the stories he is usually torturing a person in these books including cutting them up, raping them, sodomy, and other acts on people tied to walls and unable to stop him. In my opinion, he is the most depraved, repulsive villain I have ever read about in books so far!

The authors are usually very accurate in their facts. There is a lot of background setting in these tales (A. D. 4th and 5th century, Italy). At the end of this tale, on their authors’ note page we are given more historical facts about Placida’s life after she was with the Visigoths and her children.

All the heroes and heroines we have loved in these tales are back in this story and they include Magnus, Gigi, Placida, Placida’s Visigoth husband King Athaulf, and their hateful enemy Honorius. In the prologue of this tale Honorius is dancing with the love of his life, his female chickens. When one of his chickens hit the flutist who is playing the music he starts screaming at the poor, old man and threatens to kill him. The flutist runs away from the palace that very night, because he knows his life hangs in the balance. See, Honorius really is the villain of villains.

Next, we read that Gigi and Magnus are at a movie celebration held at Rome’s Coliseum when she is given a gift that nearly makes her faint, Magnus’ ring that sent her back in time. She and her husband know that there is something wrong with Placida and her life in the past. They go to the mausoleum that started it all, perform the song, and are thrown into the past four year-later after they left Italy. Placida and the Visigoths are no longer surrounding Rome but have moved onto Gaul. Gigi and Magnus hope to stop some tragedies occurring but will they get there in time?

**This is Not a Stand-Alone tale. The authors build upon characters that were created in the first story!

Book Blurb for Return to Me

Return to Me finds time traveler Gigi Perrin happily settled into twenty-first century life with her husband, the former Roman senator and military commander, Quintus Magnus. Gigi has resumed her successful musical career, playing the flute for her adoring fans, while making her first foray into Hollywood by creating the musical score for a feature film about the Roman emperor Nero.

At the film’s wrap party, Gigi is presented with a gift to commemorate her work: an ancient Roman ring depicting the goddess Victoria. Stunned, she and Magnus recognize it as the very ring that brought them together, and the one subsequently stolen from her and lost in A.D. 410. How did it make its way back to them? Magnus believes the answer is clear; Victoria sent it as a warning about their dear friend, Princess Galla Placidia. They start researching what happened to Placidia after Gigi and Magnus time traveled from the barbarous fifth century. To their shock, they discover Placidia's life took a series of terrible turns, culminating with the murders of her children.

Realizing they have no other choice, Gigi and Magnus prepare to embark on a perilous quest to go back in time and rescue them. But one ominous question remains – how can they save the children without altering the course of history?

The Roman Time Travel Series needs to be read in order. (Love, Eternally / After the Fall / Return to Me)

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00