Helen's Release

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Helen's Release

Redemption 4

Helen just got out being married to an ex-alcoholic and has started thinking she will get a new start in life and lose some weight. However, she just found out she is going to be a grandmother so she is feeling old now but things are looking up. Griffin, an old family friend, has fallen in love with her and has started to make the move to get Helen to like him or even love him. Will Helen let it Griffin in the door?

This is a good romance. You can almost feel the attraction between Helen and Griffin. You have also have fully developed characters here.

Book Blurb for Helen's Release

Fabulous at fifty Helen Weller is not. In fact, the once svelte woman is not only forty pounds overweight, she's also about to be a grandma. Too young to for the senior discount yet to old for singles scene, her prospects have Helen downright blue. Although happy for her daughter, she's despondent for herself. Nobody wants to make love with a granny. Or so she thinks.

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Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 3.00