Prelude to a Seduction

Author Lotchie Burton grabbed my attention from the beginning of this tale and kept me interested in it until the end. I did not want to put the book down until I finished the story because it’s wonderful.

Who can resist a man who portrayed himself as a womanizer at business conventions who all of the sudden stops womanizing and concentrates on one woman? I could not. His name is David and he is leading male character of this tale. He is just one of the reasons that kept me engrossed in this tale.

Another reason that kept me reading was the main female character herself, Sarona. She is an intelligent, funny, full figured woman who keeps the hero on his toes with questions that are sometimes outrageous; no shrinking violet here! In the beginning Sarona wonders why David keeps coming on to her since he is going against his regular type of woman: blond, tall, and slender.

The only drawback to this book that I found is that it’s too short. It only has one-hundred and seventy-two pages to it. The storyline just covers five days at the convention and does not go on from there. I wish it was longer so I could find out if David and Sarona stay together or if something tears them apart.

The Story:

David has wanted Sarona for a long time; however, she won’t give him a chance to woo her. Sarona just wants to keep everything between them on friendly terms and that is it. Can David change her mind?

Book Blurb for Prelude to a Seduction

David Broussard is a handsome, successful businessman with the unsavory reputation of a player. He's known for his allure, charming personality, and ability to draw and seduce women. He's gifted by nature with an unbelievably erotic scent that emanates from his body--natural pheromones that attract women in droves. Having used this advantage in the past with great success, he expects the same results as he sets his sights on Sarona Maxwell. He finds himself fascinated to the point of obsession with Sarona and has made it his priority to woo her, to seduce her, and to get her into his bed. However, in his quest to captivate and capture, he finds Sarona is more woman than he's bargained for, and he'll need more than cunning, charm, and nature's gift to achieve his goal.

Sarona is undeniably attracted to the charisma and roguish good looks of David Broussard, and like any red-blooded female alive she's fallen victim to his intoxicating scent. Unfortunately, his reputation for being on the prowl and always in search of his next conquest precedes him. She has no illusions he has any interest in her. Considering her size and the fact that she's black, she's sure she doesn't fit his usual preference for eye candy. She sees herself as merely a spectator, observing from a distance his penchant to hunt, and she watches him play his game of pursuit, seduction, and surrender.

Sarona has no idea that the rules of the game have changed. She doesn't realize that there's no such thing as being safe standing on the sidelines and that now, suddenly she's become the prey set in the sights of the hunter.

Sensuality Level: Hot

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 5.00