Panties Optional

The 1 Night Stand Series

Maggie has come to the hotel with no panties on her body. She has used a service to set her up for a night of passion with another client of the service. Samuel, Sam, uses the same service that Maggie uses except he wants the service to find him a woman that is not after his money. Maggie and Sam meet in the hotel bar. The sparks fly and they go quickly up to their room to start their sexual romp. They have sex in different positions; however, later on in the book we get a big surprise.

This is a short erotic tale that will leave you happy in the end. The author has created characters that are intelligent and know what they want for themselves. It is so hot it will have you reaching for some ice cubes or a fan to cool off.

Book Blurb for Panties Optional

Maggie Chase has a wild night of passion planned with the help of Madame Evangeline's dating service, 1NightStand. A single night with an incredible man, what more can a busy girl ask for?

Sam Peterson requests that Madame Evangeline help him find a woman who isn't after him for his money. Maggie may just fit the bill, but with her list of fantasies in hand, she may be more than he bargained for.

Forever isn't on either one of their minds, but maybe it doesn't have to be.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.75