Only For You

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Only For You

Kate Curran has written a contemporary romance tale that I had a hard time finishing. The reason being that I did not like one of the main character. I just didn’t like Emma, she is the heroine of this tale. She has a standoff attitude about accepting help from other people…even though she has helped them in the past. Emma does not have a whiny attitude like other characters in other books, however, the attitude she does have grated on my nerves from the beginning of this tale to almost the end of it.

As for hero of this tale, Sam, he is an ex-baseball player trying to fix things that he screwed up in past. I loved him because he was willing to admit to the wrongs he done to people in the past and was willing to try to fix things with his father and Emma.

I also loved the minor characters in this tale; some of them even had me laughing at several points in the story.

Finally, the background of this story came off as very real to me. It’s a small town farming community in Indiana. When I started reading about the town I could picture myself being there. Places such as Emma’s farm, Sam’s dad’s farm, and the “Beauty Bowl” (a place where you can bowl and eat while you wait in line to get your hair styled) all were very vivid!

This story flows very well from beginning to the end due to the fact that this tale has no hang-ups such as grammatical errors that slow a tale down.

A bit about the story: Sam goes back home to right a few wrongs he did before he left town. Yet he is not alone, he brings home a son that no one knew he had nor will he disclose the name of the woman who had the baby. What happened to the baby’s mother?

Book Blurb for Only For You

Reunion or heartbreak––only time will tell . . . Emma Delaney has always loved Sam Parker, her childhood friend turned superstar athlete. Sam reminds her of warm sunshine, laughter and passion. In his arms, she dreamed of white picket fences and happily-ever-afters, until the day he abandoned her. She won’t fall for him again, or so she says until he comes home... Sam spent nine years trying to relieve his guilt over his brother’s death and avoid a father he disappointed, but when Emma calls to tell him his father is gravely ill and that Sam is his only hope, he returns home. Now he must face his guilt and the woman he abandoned, the woman he loves more than life, the woman he can never have—Emma.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.50