One Dark Knight

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One Dark Knight

This story starts off with Conahl (Con) and Avalyn (Ava) both being young kids. Con is at a river when Ava shows up riding a horse. Con starts to have very strong feelings to Ava and tries to contain himself from kissing Ava since she is his best friend sister. But he cannot contain himself and gives her a kiss that leaves them on the grass about to have sex when Con hears a man’s voice mentally in his head. The voice belongs to Khagen and he has come to take Con away and train him as a Knight of the Dark Order. Years past and both Con and Ava grow up. Ava is running away from a forced marriage when she bumps into Con and Con fights 4 men that were following Ava. One of the men is a Chimera-a creature that looks like a man who devours life essence. Con is hurt in the battle and he takes Ava into a forest where mystical creatures live and nobody who goes into the forest come back out. Will Con and Ava survive the forest?
This story has 3 authors so it kind of jumpy in places, specially when one authoress stop using Conahl and Avalyn and just uses Con and Ava through the story and leaves you wondering who she is writing about. The first authoress, Sydney Somers, kept the beginning of the story very interesting and the other two authoresses were not able to keep the story going with the same interesting flair. This story would have been better if it was only done by Sydney Somers, as her vision for the story was the best.

Book Blurb for One Dark Knight

The day he’d kissed Ava by the lake, almost yielded to his need for her and taken her as his woman, had haunted Con for years, but once he’d discovered what he truly was, the dark side of his nature, Con knew she could never be his. He couldn’t trust himself with her, and she, if she knew, could never accept what he was.
Rating: Spicy/Carnal. Dress-ripping. Dark, tortured hero.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 2.50