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Traia was a witch who let down her guard one night and had sex with Galen, a werewolf. She did not know he was a werewolf until she woke up next morning and saw the lupine mark on his chest. She tried to kill him and almost succeeded but Galen got away. Galen has come to Traia because she is his mate. He will fight her to become her mate or die trying to get her.
Nevermore is an entertaining story with captivating characters who keep you interested all the way through. It’s only about twenty-three pages and I wish there was more to it because you are left wondering whether Traia will move to Galen's home or not.

Book Blurb for Nevermore

Traia is a mistress witch, seduced by a werewolf that inexplicably passed through her wards and shields. Now that she knows what Galen is, he’ll stop at nothing to kill her. Or will he?

If she was any other witch, Galen would be running the other But Traia is his mate. The Goddess has made Traia’s magick useless against him and him as safe as a puppy with her. She can’t use her magick, but Traia can use mortal weapons. Unless Galen can bind her to him by the end of the night, he may end up fur cuffs on her ceremonial robes.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.00