Nectar of the Gods

All the stories in this anthology deal with Greek gods and the mortals who love them. You have interesting characters with entertaining story lines.
Author: Marianne LaCroix
Story Title: Warrior Lover
Score: 3.5
The time is World War 2 in France. Belle is in the French Resistance. She is about to blow up a bridge and be a part of D-Day. She is waiting for some Americans to show up to help blow up the bridge. The Americans showed up being led by Lieutenant A. Reese (AKA Ares). Both Belle and Ares click together right from the start. Belle goes up to a German guard so she can create a diversion while her men and Ares’ men blow up the bridge. While creating the diversion Ares comes into the room and guts the German holding Belle. Ares takes her away to Mount Olympus claiming Belle as his own.      
The author has woven a successful story that has fascinating characters.
Author: Ashlyn Chase
Story Title: Oh My God
Score: 3.5
A man fell off a balcony and landed on his head during Mardi Gras but he was not hurt. He cannot remember who he is or what he does for a living. All the man knows is he loves sex. He goes to an AA meeting to find out if they know him; they don’t know him. The man then follows the two women to an apartment where they have mad, passionate sex together. The man finally figures out who he is later in the story.
This story was peppered with different types of sex scenes. It is really scorching in its subject matter.
Author: Isabelle Drake
Story Title: Fate Unbound
Score: 3
Adrian and Taryn live in the past. Adrian and Taryn were in love with each other until Adrian asked Taryn to marry him. Taryn told him, “No, I will not settle for just one man”. Both were tricked into going to the Oracle by their families. The Oracle told Adrian that he would be famous sculptor if he would go to the future and stayed away from a women and sexual pleasure. He was transported to the future. Taryn too was transported to the future by the Oracle and told not to ask a man for sex but have sex with anyone who asked her. What will happen to these two?
This was an unappealing story to me. I had a hard time liking either characters or their romance.
Author: Sascha Illyvich
Story Title: Apollo’s Choice
Score: 3.25
Hera got mad at Apollo and sent him into the future so he will not be able to overthrow her in the past. Apollo wakes up in James Helios body. James Helios is on bass guitar and vocal singer for a grunge band and since Apollo has taken his place Apollo must be the singer now. Apollo has one person who believes that he is Apollo and her name is Mona. He also meets another woman named Tanya and he is sexually attractive to her.
What will happen to Apollo? Will he stay with Tanya or leave her?
This story has some wounded hearts in it, Apollo’s and Tanya’s hearts. They both have some depth to them.
Author: Annmarie Ortega
Story Title: Possessing Poseidon
Score: 3.25
Review: Beth has been dreaming about a man coming up to her on her porch and kissing her. When she was out in the water drowning, she is saved by a man that looks just like her dream man. His nickname is Denny. Denny wants a kiss from Beth for saving her life. Beth kisses him and the fondle each other. They have sex with each other. They both fall in love with each other. Denny turns out to be Poseidon and he wants to make Beth immortal. Will she let him turn her immortal?
Both characters in this story are intelligent, likable characters. The plot keeps bringing the characters together.

Book Blurb for Nectar of the Gods

Warrior Lover by Marianne LaCroix

June 6, 1944 - Belle is part of the French Resistance, fighting for freedom from the Nazis that have taken control of her country. She feels most comfortable with a rifle in hand, and earns the respect of the Allied Forces, always sure of her actions. That is until Lieutenant Colonel A. Riese appears on the French shores for the long awaited invasion.

Ares wants to take part in this war, and he wants to win. When he encounters Belle, he can't resist this mortal woman with the face of a goddess and the heart of a warrior. Will the mighty Ares, Greek god of War, be defeated by love?

Oh My God by Ashlyn Chase

The Greek God of wine, women, and party, falls off a balcony during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Now he has amnesia. All he knows is that they call him ‘Big D,' and he's a party animal who drinks too much and ought to give up alcohol for Lent.

Mandy and Brandy flashed Dionysus right before he fell. They're nice enough to take him to an AA meeting, and then back to their homes until he recovers his memory. Fortunately, they're not too nice to be naughty. They all agree that replacing a bad habit with a healthy one is the key to sobriety, and what could be healthier than sex? Will he come between friends before they know who he is? Will Zeus separate all of them, forever?

Fate Unbound by Isabelle Drake

Forced to leave her homeland of ancient Greece, Taryn must search modern day LA for the one man who will tame her wild heart. The Oracle has dictated that she must submit to all men who approach her. In doing so, she will find the single man who desires submission to her, then, and only then, may she return to her beloved home.

Adrian, frustrated by being forced live as an unrecognized son of Zeus, seeks his fate from The Oracle. The Oracle has a dictate for him as well, he must be patient, accept what comes to him, and never act on his own desires—especially those of the flesh. In doing so, he will, when the time is right, receive the recognition as Zeus's son.

Apollo's Choice by Sascha Illyvich

After gaining in popularity to the point of causing the other gods fear on Olympus, Apollo is banished to a different time and world by Hera. Cursed to remain in 1990's in the body of a bass player for an up and coming grunge band, Apollo must figure out a way to return to Ancient Greece and restore his powers.

Only a beautiful redhead crosses his path and forces him to choose between his former home and his heart.

Possessing Poseidon by Annmarie Ortega

Her secret refuses to stay in the past.

The ancient Greek god Poseidon falls in love with Beth, a woman who is on the run from her dangerous past. Beth only knows her lover as Den, and it's not until the past collides with the present will she learn the secret truth of Den and his own mysterious past.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.25