Mountain Stallion

Book 6 in the Horsemen series.

Pace is the owner of a mountain that has the largest armory and tack shop in the world. He is also a horseman who can shapeshift into a part-man, part-winged horse. Pace and his workers just finished a huge order for his fellow fighting carriers. He decides to go into town to get some sore muscle salve for his body. At the shop Pace meets the new apothecary who turns out to be a woman named Gayle, who has a grudge against people who work their workers to death for very low wages. Pace does not tell Gayle his identity so she believes he is just a worker working for the "mountain king." Gayle and Pace like each other so much they have something special happen when they go to sleep, they have a "shared dream." In horsemen traditions, a "shared dream" happens when a horseman has found his mate and they will continue to have the "shared dream" until they are joined in reality. Will these to get together in real life like they do in the dream or not?

This short tale keeps you entertained until the very end. You will keep rooting for Pace and Gayle to be together. The author has made the characters with minds of their own even though it comes off with the flavor of a fairy tale.

Book Blurb for Mountain Stallion

The stallion of her dreams…

Steely muscles ripple beneath the magnificent Horseman’s palomino coat. His cream-colored wings settle against his sides and he studies his surroundings with eyes as blue as a tropical sea. That riveting gaze fixes on Gayle and sends her heartbeat out of control. Though not a stranger to Horsemen, she has never been aroused by one—until now.

The woman who stirs his soul…

Beneath her lace dress, the woman’s full breasts swell with a lustful breath. Her glossy lips part and her sultry eyes widen. No one has ever stared at Pace like this. Everything about her awakens his passion.

Pace and Gayle are a perfect match, but a case of mistaken identity might ruin their love before it truly begins.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.25