Moonlight Protector

Ashton Grove Werewolves, #1

**Note: This book has people talking of torture and rape.
Marin was running away from her abuser when she had a car accident. Lying on the street Marin saw a wolf that came up to her and she told it “Please help me”. The wolf took off and went into a house and met up with Gabriel and Gabriel followed the wolf to Marin. Gabriel and Cole, the wolf, get Marin into their house. In the bedroom Cole lays down by Marin; he stayed there for two days while she was unconscious. When Marin wakes up she sees the wolf but is not afraid of it. Gabriel comes in and talks to her. Cole the wolf leaves and Cole the man comes in to the room. Gabriel feels that Marin is a mate to him or one of his brothers. Which one will she pick?
Mrs. Coulter Smith has blended a romantic and suspenseful tale. It is a page turner that keeps you reading till the very end. The characters are complex, emotional beings. You should read this story.

Book Blurb for Moonlight Protector

Cole Andrews, biologist by trade and werewolf by blood, is tired of being alone. He and his two brothers live in the large Victorian home that had belonged to their parents. He’s always wanted to find his mate and start a family. Now that he’s in his thirties, he’s starting to give up hope. He’s already seen all of the women available in his small town of Ashton Grove and so far none of them are “the one.”

Marin Thomas is fleeing for her life. After being abducted and held hostage, she is determined to escape the maniac once and for all. Stealing his car, she travels as far and as fast as she can – until a car accident lands her in some woods near Ashton Grove, Georgia. Fighting for her very life, she finds herself begging a wolf for help.

Is Marin the mate that Cole has been waiting for? Or will she end up with one of his brothers? One sniff tells him that she belongs to his pack. The only question that remains is who will win her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 4.50