Moonlight Hero

Ashton Grove Werewolves, #2

Kiera, a were-fox, is running from a vampire she met in a bar. He wants her blood because it will make him invincible. She runs into a garage own by Gabriel and his brother. Gabriel, an Alpha werewolf and leader of his pack, is working on a car when Kiera run into the garage. Gabriel knows right away he was looking at a vampire but did not believe it. He did not know that Kiera was a were-fox until the vampire mentions it. Gabriel came up with the idea to tell the vampire that Kiera is his mate. The vampire wants them to prove it so he demands that they get married!
The author has blended and woven a lovable romance with friendly characters who have intelligent minds. The story holds your attention until the very end. I love reading this author and I hope she continues the storyline with Michael’ story.

Book Blurb for Moonlight Hero

Alpha werewolf Gabriel Andrews is stunned when his mate comes bursting through the door of his garage. Running from a ravenous vampire, Kiera is happy to see the hot mechanic. A confrontation between the couple and the vampire forces Gabriel to announce Kiera as his mate. When the vampire throws down the gauntlett, demanding that Gabriel and Kiera marry in order to prove that she's really the alpha's mate, Gabriel is only too happy to agree. Kiera on the other hand has her doubts. Coming from a small town in Tennessee where werewolves do not assocaite with other shifters, the little werefox can't believe that Gabriel could really want her in his life.

Will these two have a happily ever after? Or will Kiera's past life and an angry vampire keep them apart?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.50