Merlin's Daughter

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Merlin's Daughter

Sara is traveling from Boston to England to see distance relatives. She has seen the English manor house on a web page that her distance cousin set up and she is dreaming of the house at night in her dreams. She also has a sense of belonging there. She is watching a Royalist and Roundhead Civil War battle in England when she notice a man on a horse that she swears she met before but does not know when they met. His name is Justin and he is a surgeon. Suddenly they both find themselves in the past. Are they meant to be together or is it just a dream?

Merlin’s Daughter is a gothic romance that leaves you wondering who is who and what is going on until the last minute. This is a quick read that leaves you breathless. It is only one hundred and thirty-seven memorable pages long.

Book Blurb for Merlin's Daughter

Fantasy Faery Rosebud
Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 136
Sara Templeton discovers more than she bargained for when she travels to Semple Manor House in search of her family tree. Whisked back in time and into a previous life, she meets her true love, Dr. Justin Coleborne—not only a 17th century doctor, but also the 21st century surgeon who saved Sara’s life after a near-fatal car crash.
Now accused of witchcraft and sentenced to hang, Sara must rely on Justin to save her one more time…and to reunite them in the present.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.50