Malice Striker

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Malice Striker

Viking Vengeance, #1

Jianne Carlo has created a historical romance with a touch of the paranormal in it. Malice Striker is the first in the Viking Vengeance series and it has a good storyline. However, I had a problem with it that someone else might not; I think we are missing the first half of the story where the hero and his warriors go to the abbey in Scotland to get the heroine and her ladies. I have a feeling it would have been great to read about it and find out what happen there because most of the women that were at the abbey have attitude to spare. I think they would have put up a fight. But the first scene we get to read about is where the hero, Brökk, has all-ready taken the women to his homeland by the sea and is asking them questions. The rapport between Brökk and Skatha, the heroine, is great. It started out slow like a grand romance should and built over time. This book also has some terrific sex scenes that start at beginning of the book. Nevertheless, if this book did not have the paranormal bent to it; it would have read like any other Viking book.


Though she is the daughter of a goddess and the bastard daughter of the King of Scotland, Skatha has had a wonderful life at the abbey even though she is blind. When Skatha gets to Brökk’s home she must learn the new structures and other places on his land fast, so he will not find out she is blind. She thinks if he finds out he will get rid of her and her friends. Will he?

Book Blurb for Malice Striker

Can a mere mortal Viking tame the daughter of a goddess?

When Scotland’s King Kenneth orders his death and kidnaps his sister, the Viking Brökk—the Malice Striker—plans his vengeance: he’ll steal the king’s bastard daughter from Sumbarten Abbey and use her to buy his sister's freedom. But his schemes go awry when his liege lord commands him to wed Skatha—and when he finds five women instead of one at the Abbey, none will claim the King as father.

When the Viking abducts Skatha and her women, she’s bewildered. Why did Brökk seize her? Why does he want her for his wife? She weds him willingly enough when he threatens to kill her companions, but she vows to control her own destiny and escape. For if the Viking discovers her secrets, the laws of his people will force him to cast her aside…or kill her. And even Skatha, daughter of a goddess, might not escape the Viking’s wrath…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 3.50