Hades Squad, #2

Sax and Nahlini met in a bar in Santa Fe and are very attracted to each other. They decide to go to his motel bedroom and have sex. Nahlini did not tell Sax she was a virgin so he got a surprise that night. After they got it on, Nahlini left Sax in the room mad at her for using him because she told him she was engaged to marry another man. Unbeknown to Sax, their families have been friends forever but had not seen each other in a while.since Nahlini was a teenager. Nahlini has always had a crush on Sax and used him for her initiation to sex. Also, Nahlini ran away from her family two years to get away from a strict Indian upbringing and a planned marriage to a man she hates. She has sailed around the world on cargo ships and has learned to be a ship's engineer.

Jianne Carlo has woven a tale that keeps you interested till the very end. The characters are well developed and she has given them their own intelligence. I fell in love with these characters and I think you will too.

Book Blurb for Lucifer

After Nalini seduces Lucifer she discovers he’s been hired to find her by the groom she jilted at the altar

Lucifer never loses his cool, never acts on impulse, never indulges in one-night stands, until one sultry Santa Fe night and Nalini.

Nalini’s teenage love for Lucifer never waivers even though she hasn’t seen him in eight years.

Their universe shattering sex stuns Lucifer, he suggests another date. Nalini blithely informs him she’s engaged.

Lucifer’s outraged - she used him.

Lucifer’s hired to find a runaway bride, Nalini, the daughter of close friends of his parents who are strict Hindus. What’s Lucifer to do when he discovers Nalini’s the mystery woman from his recent one-night-stand? The one where the condom broke?

This book is a rerelease of an older title originally published in 2010—it has been edited and expanded from the original version.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.00