Love Songs

When I first open this anthology from the Mrs. Delinsky, I thought she was a new author to me but as it turns out I have read some of her tales before when she used one of her pen names years-ago, Bonnie Drake. When I first started reading the first tale in this book, “Up All Night,” I realized I read it many years-ago. I always thought the relationship was weird due to the hero professing he is going to marry her one minute and then leaves her by herself to defend against some harassers. But this is not the only weird relationship in this book; “Sweet Serenity, the other tale in the book, stars two people who should not share a romance. Serena was thirteen years-old when her father went to prison for stealing his company’s money and she was left to face the consequences. This left her scarred for life when it came to the men she would later meet in life. After growing up and starting her business, she falls in love with the reporter who put her father in prison! Both of these tales in this book also have a 1980’s feel to them since they both use backgrounds that were hot back then such as people playing in racquet ball courts and candy stores in malls. The author said in her introduction that there were steamy love scenes in the book; maybe in the past but not now. In fact I found them to be very tame; for example: he kisses her, she kisses back, he pushes her down on the bed, and they consummate their relationship which leads to greater spiritual understanding between the two.


“Up All Night” stars Alanna, a young executive who cannot sleep at night so she joins a sleep lab to find out what is wrong with her. When she gets to the sleep lab she meets Alexander, a hospital benefactor, who tells her right away that he is going to marry her! Both of them start to carry on an affair at the sleep lab and get in trouble for it, however, since Alexander is a benefactor of the center they are told to keep it under wraps or else they will be thrown out of it. They do this for a few more chapters then Alanna’s boss has a heart attack and it’s left up to her to run the company while he is on sick leave. This causes a problem with the men she works with since they think she slept her way to the top and Alexander leaves her. Can she prove herself and get Alex back?

“Sweet Serenity” stars Serena and Tom and they have a history together. He is the reporter who brought her father’s corruption into the light in a newspaper article and became a star reporter because of it. Serena had it a bad life as a teenager even when she went and moved to New York to be with other family members children still called her a “thief.” Later she went to a university and she fell in love with a man who came from a rich family. The man told her later in the relationship that there was no way his father or mother would accept her as his wife so he dropped her on the spot. After moving to a new state and setting up a candy business that has become highly profitable who shows up in her life again? You got it, it’s the reporter and after a few dinners together where she gives him the story of her life. They of course fall in love in subsequent chapters. At this point you have one question to ask: will they be together until the end of the story?

Book Blurb for Love Songs

Love Songs

Barbara Delinsky In these two classic novels from America’s beloved storyteller, Barbara Delinsky captures those special romantic moments that make the heart sing…


Alanna Evans is a busy young executive with a bad case of insomnia. Desperate for a good night’s sleep, she decides to check out a renowned sleep clinic, the Knight Center. It’s the last place she’d expect to meet the man of her dreams. But when Alexander Knight—the clinic’s gorgeous benefactor—takes a very personal interest in her case, Alanna’s afraid those sexy bedroom eyes of his might keep her up all night long…


Serena Strickland runs a candy shop in Minneapolis that’s every bit as wonderful as its name: Sweet Serenity. Unfortunately, her serenity is all but shattered when Tom Reynolds waltzes back into her life. Years ago, the rising young journalist turned her father’s trial into a front-page scandal, and Serena has never forgiven him. But when Tom turns on the charm, she’s surprised to find that he’s as sweet as candy—and just as hard to resist…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 2.50