Love, Eternally

Roman Time Travel Series, #1

Morgan O’Neill has created a time-travel romance that will enchant you one moment and in the next moment leave you breathless with excitement! There are several conflicts going on in the story that will keep you turning the pages to find out what’s going to happen next. This includes the conflict that surrounds the hero, Magnus, and the heroine, Gigi, of this tale. I also fell in love with them both. Magnus is a strong, honorable man in a terrible situation; dealing with a crazy emperor who hates him and wants to get rid of him. Gigi is a tough, independent woman who has her own horrible situation to deal with; she gets transported back to Magnus’s era and has his crazy emperor wanting to have sex with her. There is even conflict going on in the story that happens to some minor character that had me rooting for them too.

A.D. 402, Pollentia, Italy—Quintus Pontius Flavus Magnus, AKA Magnus, is a Roman general is looking across the battlefield at his ex-friends the Visigoths and their foul witch. In the past Magnus and the Visigoths used to fight battles together but the peace between Rome and the Visigoths has since been broken. While Magnus was still friends with the Visigoths’ their witch put a curse on his ring when he left her husband die on a battlefield and continued to fight; Magnus loses the battle, get ransomed back to his emperor, and his ring is lost in battle.

Present Day, Italy—Gigi’s, Grand-pére found Magnus ring in an antique shop, gave it to her, and she now wears it around her neck to remind her of him. She is an internationally known flutist who is about to performs at a special concert for a mayor’s wife in an Old Italian Mausoleum that belonged to Magnus friend, Placida, who is the sister to the crazy emperor. Next, at the end of her performance Gigi is suddenly whisked back to A.D. 408 Ravenna, Italy and meets Magnus who saves her from his crazed emperor. They become friends and are soon romantically involved, but the crazy emperor still wants Gigi. Can they get away from him and live peacefully? Can Placida escape her brother or will she be forced to marry an old man she can’t stand? This is just some of the questions you ask yourself while reading this story.

** Just to let readers know, there are some very graphic horrible scenes in this book that includes a rape and beatings. There is also a scene that alludes to an unwilling sodomy act on a female character. **

--This is the first book in a series that needs to be read in order.

Book Blurb for Love, Eternally

A witch's ancient curse propels talented flutist Gigi Perrin back to A.D. 408, to the court of the depraved Roman Emperor Honorius and his admirable sister, Princess Galla Placidia.

There, Gigi grapples with her disbelief about what has happened, and with the strange, new world of violent politics, social upheaval, and Visigoth barbarians straining at the very gates of an empire.

Through it all, she must struggle with her powerful attraction to a pagan senator and military commander, Quintus Magnus, a man exotically different from anyone she has ever known. On the brink of a dark and war-torn age, Gigi joins forces with Magnus, battling to save a princess and her people, and ultimately finding love amid the chaos, before the fall of Rome.

The Roman Time Travel Series needs to be read in order. (Love, Eternally / After the Fall / Return to Me)

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00