Love Cuffs

Hope’s hearing has increase so much she can hear stuff behind a lock door or around the block. At her wedding, she hears screams of pain from across the alley and goes to investigate in her wedding dress. She finds a guy named Dorian and other people enjoying the BDSM lifestyle. Now, however, Hope has a big problem because Dorian does not want to let her go away and tell the police about his BDSM club so he decides to kidnap her. Dorian takes Hope to Las Vegas to be hypnotized so she will not spill the beans about his club. Along the way to Vegas, Hope and Dorian have sex and fall in love or is it just Stockholm syndrome?
This is a romantic comedy where stuff goes wrong in funny ways. It keeps you reading from the very beginning until the very end.

Book Blurb for Love Cuffs

At thirty-eight, Hope Daniels is a Jersey cop with superhuman hearing and a controlling mother. And she’s about to marry any sane woman’s last choice of a groom. Right before she walks down the aisle, she hears distant screams. Figuring someone should be rescued, she bolts from her mother’s vision of a royal wedding. But when she breaks down the door of a BDSM club, she’s the one who winds up in handcuffs. Dorian Markoff is intent on using a hypnotist to wipe the beautiful cop’s mind of his—and his club’s—existence. But the hypnotist is in Vegas so a mad romp ensues, involving lots of hot vanilla-ish sex that turns his BDSM lifestyle upside down. Neither guesses what an adventure it will be to find the hypnotist, avoid one unintentionally snubbed Dominatrix, and explain it all to Hope’s mother. All while falling in love.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 3.50