License to Dill

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License to Dill

Pickled and Preserved Mystery, #2

When I first looked at the cover of this book and read the back cover synopsis I thought to myself that I had found a great new cozy mystery series to read. I could not wait to get it home and read it. However, my euphoria did not last long after I started reading it due to boring stock characters and the main character that came off very whiny, and the lack of “sparks” that motivates me to keep on reading it to the last page.

First, the minor characters themselves were stock characters you find in small town stories: farmers, PTA members, doctors, lawyers, church goers, restaurateurs and small store owners.

Next, I did not come to care for the main the character of this story, whose name is Piper. Piper sells pickling supplies and preserves to the rest of the town people, and she is also the amateur detective in this story. Piper came off as a whiny adult who got a lot of enjoyment out of putting her ex-fiancé into situations he had a hard time getting out of around town.

Third, it lacks the “sparks” and the suspense that keeps me motivated to keep on reading it. However, this story does have all the requirements I like in a cozy mystery; an amateur detective, a little romance going on that is not part of a “love triangle” storyline that plague some cozy mysteries, and a murder mystery where people don’t talk about with grizzly details.

Last, the writing of this story flows from beginning to end with no grammar errors to slow it down. On the other hand, I did have to put this book down and walk away from it for a few days and pick it back up again to see if the problems mentioned above got any better, but they did not so I just skimmed it until I got to the end of the book.

Piper has another mystery on her hands but this time around she got pulled into it because she cannot let her favorite dill supplier go to jail for the murder of an old schoolmate.

Book Blurb for License to Dill

From the author of The Pickled Piper comes another Pickled and Preserved Mystery...

Piper Lamb knows how to make fruits and vegetables keep for months. Unfortunately, it’s the people around her who are expiring too soon?

After her fiancé left her, Piper came to Cloverdale to rebuild her life and open up her shop, Piper’s Picklings, to sell pickles and preserves. When her ex decides to drop in for a visit?just as things are heating up between her and a local Christmas tree farmer?Piper finds herself in a jam.

But there are other visitors to worry about?

An Italian soccer team is set to play the Cloverdale All-Stars in an exhibition game. Their manager, Raffaele Conti, was a bitter rival of Piper’s dill supplier, local farmer Gerald Standley. After Conti is found dead in Standley’s field, Piper must work to clear Gerald’s name and find out who relished killing Raffaele before the town is soured by another death.


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 3.00