Let Sleeping Demons Lie

Brennan, a prime lion, finds a sleeping naked woman under a tree. He tries to wake her up and he finally does get her to wake-up. She has lost her memory so he calls her Kitten. Brennan takes Kitten back to his den and since they are both attractive to each other, they make love. What happens next in the story will either have you laughing or crying throughout the work.

Let Sleeping Demons Lie is a very passionate and very entertaining tale. It is also only 135 pages long so you wish the story would go on and on but it does not. The author gives you a well-resolved ending for being the second book in a series.

Book Blurb for Let Sleeping Demons Lie

Length: 135 pages

Kitten’s been stripped of her memories—and her clothes!—and dumped in a savage wilderness. She believes that she is human and she has no idea that non-humans even exist—which is just as well, considering that she’s got a phobic fear of Lycans and the man who finds her is a Lion shape shifter!

Brennan is a Prime, that most alpha of alphas, and even though he suspects that Kitten is not what she appears to be, he lays claim to her body, and her heart. When they’re ambushed by sadistic Hyenas and Brennan is severely injured, Kitten’s only chance of saving them both is to reclaim her Demonic heritage—even if it means revealing her true self and losing Brennan’s love.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.50