Kiss of a Traitor

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Kiss of a Traitor

Wilhelmina is a Tory- a person during the American Revolution who believed we should stay as a citizen of Great Britain and King George. She wants to find the rebel general Francis Marion. While she trying to capture him, Francis Marion has turned a spy loose on the Tories, a man named Brendan Ford. Ford has a secret too; he has a half-brother who is Lord Montford. During a fight Lord Montford dies and Brendan takes his place as Lord Montford and becomes an officer of the British army an engaged to Wilhelmina. Both of them do not want the engagement to last. Will Wilhelmina and Brendan break-up or come to love each other?
Linder’s Kiss of a Traitor has intelligent characters who keep the story rolling along. The background seems to resemble the American Revolution era: wigs, minuets, balls, and etceteras.

Book Blurb for Kiss of a Traitor

Wilhelmina Bellingham is an ardent Tory and has two goals in her young life: catching the rebel traitor, General Francis Marion, and avoiding marriage to the fool to whom her father betrothed her when she was only a babe, a man neither she nor her father has ever met. Her first goal is within reach. Willa knows South Carolina's swamps and byways as well as any rebel. With judicious searching and a large dose of luck, she will eventually catch the partisan general. Shedding her betrothed is another matter.
Captain Brendan Ford, a spy with Marion's patriots, stumbles across the perfect way to infiltrate the Loyalist high command when his half brother is killed shortly after arriving in Carolina. Ford assumes his brother's identity as Lord Montford, fiancé to Wilhelmina Bellingham. But his masquerade requires he actually court her, and the untidy little wren of a girl is not a female to inspire courtship. He is thankful his ruse will end as soon as the patriots drive the British from South Carolina.
Neither Willa nor Brendan are prepared for the consequences of war or the betrayals of the heart--but will their allegiance to outside forces keep them from the love they just might find within each other's arms?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.00