Kate's Style

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Kate's Style

Smart, Chic Fashion from a Royal Role Model

The author of this book, Caroline Jones, has created a look book of pictures that focus on several styles of clothing worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate. Each look is talked about in straight forward fashion terms along with some flowery adverbs.

The author also used the following method to break down each of Kate’s look:

1. She breaks down each look with a picture of Kate.

2. Talks about the main object in the photo (i.e. such a dress, a blazer, the skirt, or jeans she wears in it.)

3. Talks about the accessories in the photo (i.e. purses, hats, jewelry or other items.)

4. Sometimes a sidebar box gives hints on how to choose a print, what to look for in accessories such as: if you are a young lady like the duchess you should choose a small hat and leave the bigger hats to older women.

This book is for fans and young fashionista’s who love Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and her classic style with a modern twist. The book tells you about the history of her clothing style, has a lot of pictures of her clothing and accessories. It also gives you hints on how she picks out her accessories to go with her clothing, and there is a buyers’ guide of stores at the end of the book so you can get her look in the U. K., U.S.A, Canada, and Australia.

A great 4 star read for those who enjoy fashion, royalty and tips.

Book Blurb for Kate's Style

The moment Kate Middleton stepped in front of the camera with her then fiancé Prince William to announce their engagement, a style icon was born. The electric blue Issa dress she wore on that day sold out in just 24 hours and sparked an international trend in "little blue dresses." Classic and ladylike, yet fresh and youthful, the Duchess of Cambridge's style has been like a breath of fresh air in a world that seemed to have forgotten the undeniable appeal of dressing like a lady.

Now, author and lifestyle writer Caroline Jones captures that elusive style and tells us just how to create it in our own wardrobes. In Kate's Style, Jones offers a range of tools for achieving the Duchess's celebrated look. Readers will find--A visual timeline of Kate's outfits--from her days at university to recent royal tours and red carpet appearancesA directory of her favorite retailers and designersA fabulous collection of full page photos showcasing Kate's most iconic outfits, complete with pointers on how to recreate the look.

Kate's Style, is the essential guide for Kate addicts and fashion lovers alike.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00