Izzy's Incubus

Demon Lovers, #2

Izzy is on vacation but her boss keeps calling her to do a business proposal for him and she agrees to work for four hours tomorrow because today is her birthday and she has plans. She wants sex with no strings attached today. So her friends over the Internet helped her find some spells to capture a demon lover, an incubus, for a night of pleasure. But when the demon, Amar, gets to her house things do not go as planned. So Izzy uses another spell to bind the demon to her for one night. It works; she is happy with her lover but sends him back home when he starts to question her about why she needed a demon to give her sex. Then Paul, her boss, calls her and bugs her again that same night.

However, Izzy did not just bind Amar to her for one night she bound him to her forever, as her mate. She finds this out when Amar comes back the next day. Amar is not happy to be mated to a human because it is looked down on where he is from and they also cannot reproduce without each other. After having his way with Izzy, Amar leaves because Izzy tells him to leave and never come back. They start feeling pain for each other; will they get back together?

The author has written a tale that is very romantic. It is also a hot read. The chapters flow smoothing from beginning to the end.

Book Blurb for Izzy's Incubus

Sex on her own terms. That's all Izzy wants for her birthday. A night of no strings attached loving -- and no way she's going to a bar to get laid. No thank you. Then her IM friends talk her into the craziest plan ever -- casting a spell to trap a demon lover for the night.

The last thing Izzy expects is for the summons to actually work! But when she tries to reverse the spell on Tall, Dark and Demony, something goes terribly wrong. So how do you get rid of a sex demon once you've called him from the other side?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00