In For the Kill

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In For the Kill

The Mccloud Series Book 11

This is not your typical romantic suspense story due to it having no true introduction to the main characters; very dark and gritty subject matters that I do not like to read about in any books, and a sadomasochism storyline that had me putting the book down several times and walking away from it.

First of all, both main characters (Svetlana and Sam) were introduced in previous books in the McCloud Brothers series. Svetlana was introduced in Book 5 of the series “Extreme Danger,” while Sam was introduced in Book 8 “Blood and Fire,” so this storyline continues at Aaro and Nina’s wedding, who got together in a previous book, so we don’t know if Svetlana and Sam were attracted to each other at their first meeting or even they had a love/hate relationship going on for years.

Next, I had a hard time getting into this book since it deals with subject matters I don’t like to read about - children kidnapped and sold into the illegal human organ trade. The heroine of this story, in the past, watched her father get gutted in front of her. She was then sold into the human organ trade as a child, and was on the operating table about to have her heart taken when she was rescued

Third, Svetlana (nicknamed Sveti by her family) is still dealing with the aftereffects of her childhood drama - nightmares and emotional scars that have led to her to be very controlling in the sexual relationship she has with Sam. When Svetlana cannot stop having erotic dreams about Sam, she decides to go to his house for a few days before leaving the country and moving to England. However, the first time they have sex it goes all wrong and she then runs back to her house that first night. Sam finds out she won’t let down her guard unless she’s in control of the situation and he starts calling her “Mistress”!

Sam has fallen in love with Svetlana and wants to have a relationship with her but she won’t give him the time of the day, yet, when he’s alone in a room with her and he starts kissing her she cannot keep her hands off him. Is this start to a new relationship for them both?

Special Notes:

On a side note, why would you nickname one of your characters Sveti when it sounds like “sweaty”?

Book Blurb for In For the Kill

The risks ex-cop Sam Petrie has taken have turned his life into a train wreck. So he has nothing to lose by doubling down as the elusive Svetlana Ardova's unwanted bodyguard on a potentially deadly trip to Italy.

Ever since the McClouds rescued Sveti from certain death, her crusade against modern slavery has blazoned a bulls-eye on her chest, but when one of the threats against her almost hits the mark, Sam's protective instincts go into overdrive. Every lethal obstacle and trap they encounter ups the stakes--and the undeniable heat between them.

Now they're spiraling in on a deadly and explosive secret--one that could either redeem them or destroy them . . . and the closer they get, the shorter the fuse . . .

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 3.00