Impractical Magus

This is the sixth book in the “Nexus” series. I have only read the fourth book in the series, “A Nexus Xmas”. This is a true standalone book because none of the other characters in the other books appear in this one; even Nexus does not appear here. This is a story about Haily who as an uncontrollable magus does not fit in her family life or their world. Everybody wonders why Haily does not fit in even Haily herself. On a purebred magic matchmaking cruise with her family, Haily is accidentally thrown into the sea. While drowning, magic comes from her body and she starts growing gills like a fish. Haily is found by a group of shark shifters and taken to their home under the sea. She is given a series of test to see if she truly a water magus. It turns out that she is a water magus and her blue hair makes sense now. What follows in the story leads Haily to a new life but does she want it?

The author has created an attention-grabbing tale that leaves you wondering what is going to happen next in the story until you get to the very end. This story is only seventy-five pages long but it leaves you wishing for more pages to read.

Book Blurb for Impractical Magus

Forced to join her family for the holidays, Haily settles down to a tropical cruise with too much alcohol and not enough company. While her sisters are trying to find their matches in the highest ranking magical families, Haily gets the buffet. Knocked into the ocean by chance, she finds herself surrounded by sharks and trapped in a war that revolves around her. Shocked into using her powers for the first time she grows gills, rides sharks and masters a magic that she didn't know she had.
Loki is the shark shifter Alpha and he takes Haily under his fin, showing her that she has nothing to fear about using her talents underwater, and that this is where she was designed to be. In the water, at his side.

Enjoy this Yuletide tale with sexy sharks, deadly dolphins and a water magus who learns to be herself in the nicest way. 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50