Immortal Heat

In case you do not know, Mount Olympus is where the Greek Gods live in temples. They are Zeus, main high god, Hera, his wife, Apollo, his son only, Hephaestus, their son, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and many more. Hephaestus was married to Aphrodite until he caught her with his brother Ares. He was born deformed in this story; in others his father threw him down from Mount Olympus and broke his leg.

There are many sub gods who helped the other gods with things. One such one is Charis, means grace, Aglaia who is a helper of Aphrodite. In this story Aphrodite sends her down Earth to right a wrong she see happening with some mortals whoes love is being thwarted. To make the story short, Aglaia was thrown over a cliff and lands on Hephaestus' island. They fall in love and have some trouble afterwards.

The author has crafted a unique story that brings Greek Gods together in an entertaining way. She used the Greek myths to write the story and used her imagination to fill in the holes in the myth. This is a story that has only 180 pages, however, they keep you engrossed to the end.

Book Blurb for Immortal Heat

A goddess in peril…a god in exile…

Aglaia has been sent on a mission to right a love gone wrong. Hephaestus has exiled himself to the caverns, away from his ex-wife and the humiliation he suffered from her infidelity. Only the lusty body and untamed spirit of Aglaia can mend his broken heart.

Publisher’s Note: Originally available in the Aphrodite’s Touch anthology. 

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.75