Highland Steam

The author has created interesting characters that take you back in time to the rough and tumble Scottish Highlands where men and women fought for their very lives against other people trying to do the same thing. Ms. Knight has the clothing down from the past and the people’s attitude toward their chieftain. But the background information of the castle is not there such as the furnishings, the food they ate, and other items. I would have liked to have a bit more of a description on that. That might have been left out because it’s a short tale and did not have enough pages to fill in the background information. But as a reader those bits help create the believability of the world.

After this first story, I would like to read more of these tales.

Brianna is climbing a mountain in present day Scotland’s Highlands when she realizes the GPS she brought is no longer working. So she sits down on a rock in the middle of some ruins. After Brianna goes looking for some food around the ruins she notices that they have some symbols on them. She rubs the symbols; they start glowing and a mist starts forming. Eight-hundred years-ago in the past, Drostan is wondering how he can save his clan since a rival clan has killed his chieftain and the man’s wife on the ruins. A friend tells him to go to the ruins and perform a ceremony on them for a wife to help him lead the clan now. He does, he sees Brianna and pleads with her to come to his side of the ruins. Will Brianna go to Drostan and help him save his clan or will she stay where she is waiting to be rescued?

Book Blurb for Highland Steam

Tragedy strikes in the Highlands, making Drostan the laird of the Comyn clan and in need of a wife to placate his people. His only choice is to trust in magic and travel to the sacred circle of stones…where he must passionately lay claim to the woman Fate brings him.

Briana is lost and alone when magic lights up the night. She meets the man of her dreams, a man who rocks her to her very core with orgasm after orgasm and somehow manages to steal her heart. The problem? The man of her dreams lives eight hundred years in the past.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50