Her Christmas Tree

Tracey Steinbach has created a new vampire world where humans know about vampires and both races are slowly starting to converse with each other. This world also has vampires looking for his/her bond mate. A bond mate is where a vampire and human share everything together: dreams, lives, and children. I love this world because in other worlds where vampire and humans are sharing planets they usually want to kill each other. Next, the author has also created characters in this story that are intelligent, know what they want from life, and are not afraid to go after it. No simpering women here waiting for their mate to come along and find them! I laughed a lot reading some of the dialogue between the main characters.

Mathias, a vampire, hired his new executive assistant and her name is Miranda. One day Miranda gets into an accident looking for a Christmas tree and Mathias feels her pain though they are several miles apart from each other. He needs to rescue her. He puts Miranda in his bed and goes to sleep in a chair. That night Mathias wakes up to find Miranda moaning in his bed. He goes to wake her from her nightmare and realizes it was not from a nightmare but a moan of passion. Miranda kisses him while still sleeping. Mathias wonders if they had the same dream and could she be his bond mate?

Book Blurb for Her Christmas Tree

Miranda works for the arrogant vampire, Matthias. She lives in a wing of his home so she can be at his beck and call whenever the mood strikes him. Matthias knows that Miranda is his mate but he has no desire to bind himself to a human, fall in love and watch her die, so he keeps his distance. When Miranda asks for a Christmas Tree for the house, he reluctantly agrees. Miranda has an accident before she can get the tree, though and he uses their bond to rescue her.

After Matthias is shot, Miranda must let Matthias feed to regain his strength and possibly save his life. This bonds them closer together. He gives up the fight and throws himself into winning her over. The first thing on his list? Her Christmas Tree.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50