Harvest Hunt

Sector Guard # 22

Ashlin want to be the "Hunt Master" on her planet and she is the best hunter there, however, she knows she will not get the job because she has two things going against her. She is a female and no female has ever held the job. Second, she is a throwback on her planet; one of her ancestor was from a different race than the people now on her planet. She has all the features of the different race and she can transform parts of her body to resemble an animal.

Ashlin is turned down again and finds that her leaders have brought in a special animal for this hunt. Something in the eyes of the new animal makes her get close up on it and she realizes it is intelligent. Ashlin pulls electrodes from its head and the animal transform into a man named Rumble. He has come to her planet to recruit her for the Sector Guard if she passes his test..and she does. Rumble takes her to a Sector Guard base and she is asked to join the Sector Guard. Ashlin agrees to a trial and Rumble becomes her partner. She and Rumble go on missions together and fall in love.

The author has created another tale in her exciting series that is coming to an end soon when Sector Guard 25 comes out. All the stories are on different worlds and have exciting people and different backgrounds to them.

Book Blurb for Harvest Hunt

Ashlin wants to save the beast marked for the hunt, but when intelligence sparks in his eyes, the idea becomes the gateway to a new life.

Ashlin has spent her life trying to move beyond her status as a throwback. Unlike all of the population around her, she has to fight for respect on a daily basis. When being Hunt Master is taken from her once again, she resolves to avoid the hunt, but looking into the eyes of the beast to be hunted, she knows she cannot ignore the intelligence in those silver eyes. Leaving her home before dawn, she waits for the beast to catch up to her and manages to help him transform back into Rumble of the Sector Guard. In that moment her fate is sealed and her life in the stars begins.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.50