Hard Hearted

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Hard Hearted

Sector Guard, #17

Gralial, or Gray to her friends, has committed a crime on her family spaceship and is being held prisoner. She has kept a talent a secret from everyone and it could cost her life or she could be sterilized since talents are forbidden on her tribe's ships. The Alliance will take her for her talent of healing beings but her family asks for her soul in return so it will be a warning to others of her tribe. They take her soul and the Sector Guard call her by the name of Hard Hearted. She learns how to heal other beings is and sent on missions from a guard station. They give her a ship of her own because no one will fly with her since she does not fear anything and will push other things out of her way to get where she is going by the fastest route available to her. Hard Hearted has a new partner to go with her; a gaseous being name Canil, code name Mist. Hard Hearted is surprise that she will have a partner since most partners are sexually compatible together. Will Mist and Hard Hearted be more that friends?

Ms. Grace has woven an enchanting tale with unique character who act like normal beings. The writing flows from beginning to the end.

The sex scenes are not explicit.

Book Blurb for Hard Hearted

Saving her fiancé showed Gralial’s people what a freak she was and they punished her accordingly by removing her soul. Left with only intelligence and her talent, Gray must start a new life in the Alliance as the Sector Guardsman Hard Hearted.

She is assigned to Teklan base as their healer and physician and partnered with a being that she never even heard of.

As a Nilshan Animorph, Mist has spent his time as an enforcer for the Alliance. When he was offered this position, and Gralial as a partner, he jumped at the chance to protect the woman whose lack of a soul keeps her from caution, fear, or passion. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.00