Getting Rid of Rosie

Samantha (Sam) and her ex-fiancée Michael dreamed of owning a pub and having kids together. However, that all came crashing down when Sam’s friend Rosie got pregnant with Michael’s baby and proceeded to marry him. Years later Sam’s works in her Irish pub, the Silver Swan. She finds out that Rosie has died when Michael and his brother Derek come to see her in the pub. They talk and Michael asks Sam out on a date. When they get in the car Sam notice that Rosie’s ghost is giving her the middle finger. This starts Sam on a quest to get rid of Rosie, just like the title suggest, so Michael can get on with his life without Rosie.
The author has tried to weave and blend a nice paranormal story. But for me there is nothing interesting about it. There is no “it”--excitement, entertaining characters, or story. I had a hard time getting from page 1 to the end of the book without quitting.

Book Blurb for Getting Rid of Rosie

An outrageously entertaining debut novel of life, love, death—and the afterlife.

Rosie Fisk was once Samantha Marcello's best friend—but that was before she ran off with Sam's fiancé, Michael, seven years ago. Since then Sam has found a new love, The Silver Swan, her pub. And just as it seems that time has healed all her wounds, Michael walks back into her life—and now he's a widower.

With Rosie out of the picture, and unable to ignore the feelings she still has for him, Sam takes the opportunity to reconcile with Michael. But Rosie isn't about to let death stop her from keeping them apart. Her ghost has been hanging around her husband, playing on his grief and guilt—and only Sam can see her.

Rosie stole Michael from her once. But this time Sam is going to exorcise her once and for all...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 2.00