Fiery Pursuit

Passionate Pursuits, #1

After watching her father killed by a rival, Sophia is knocked out and sold to slavers who take her to a desert country where she is sold to a Caliph. However, before the Caliph can have his way with her she is taken away from him by an elf that used trickery on the Caliph. The elf, Lars, takes her away to his ship where they sail to his home in England. Sophie wants Lars to take her virginity since that is what got her into this trouble in the first place. Lars agrees and after a few days both of them fall in love with each other. Lars wants to marry Sophie but she will not accept saying that she has to kill her father’s killer before she does anything else. Lars agrees to help her and plans on seducing her so Sophie will marry him.

The author has crafted a wonderful world with believable characters. Secondary characters keep the story lively too. In my opinion, the timeline for this tale seems to be in the Victorian era with all the rules of manners associated with that time.

Book Blurb for Fiery Pursuit

Sophie’s plans to follow in her mathematician father’s footsteps are destroyed when she witnesses his murder at the hands of his professional rival. The killer, realizing he can profit from her virginity, sells her into slavery—but it doesn’t long for the handsome, powerful Lars to set his sights on her and orchestrate her freedom with the help of his elven magic.

With her virginity so desired by traders, Sophie asks Lars to take it from her, and during their trip back to his home in England he teaches her the pleasures of her body, sex and the connection they share. Completely in love, Lars wants to marry her, but she has vengeance on the brain and can think of nothing in her future other than facing the man who murdered her father.

But Lars will not give up so easily.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00