Fiddler on the Woof

Aubrey is a 40-year-old college professor who is falling in love with a 24 year-old genius professor, Joseph, who has a secret. Joseph rings Aubrey's bell a few times in bed but he does not go all the way. He is a hybrid-part man, part wolf- so Joseph penis acts like a wolf's penis-after sex; it grows fuller to stay longer in the vagina for up to thirty minutes. Aubrey has a hard time dealing with the fact that Joseph is part wolf and his children could grow up to be hybrids but she loves Joseph. They decide to go for a relationship.

This story is a fast read that hooks you from the beginning until the very end. You should read it if you can understand Joseph.

Book Blurb for Fiddler on the Woof

For Aubrey Upton, pushing forty isn't a problem. She's pretty much done and seen it all. And though the quirky professor still feels nineteen deep down, she's well past the age of fairytale romances and puppy love.

Until Professor Joseph Bolinger, the hottest puppy she's ever seen, walks into her life. Joseph, the twenty-four-year-old musical prodigy and wolf/human hybrid, finds most women his age think and act like he did when he was nine. Perky or not, twenty-year-old females are intellectually flat. Boring. Hardly mature enough to handle dating outside their species.

But Aubrey… It's about much more than the intellectual "fit". Her scent, her touch, drive the big bad wolf inside him to want to take her down, permanently, preferably with him on top.

Note: This stand-alone story is set in the same world as Caine.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00