Edge of Ecstasy

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Edge of Ecstasy

This is the story of Mairy who became the May Queen for her village. Being the May Queen means that on one day of the year she will have sex with all the men in the village. Mairy decided to become the May Queen because she had a "hand fast" relationship with a man named Donnal. A "hand fast"-common law-relationship is where a man and women pretend to be married for a year to see if they want to go through with marriage. Mairy's boyfriend was drowned during a hunting trip so if she has a child from her relationship Donnal, she will not disrespected in the village if she becomes the May Queen. What is written in the book is the day of celebration of the May Queen.

This is a short book, 27 pages, that has erotic scenes in it. If you want a short book to be read this is the one I would pick up for lots of spice.

Book Blurb for Edge of Ecstasy

As a symbol of fertility, the May Queen is revered. One day a year--May Day-she is passed from lover to lover in hopes of becoming pregnant,submitting to the villagers every carnal need. She hopes by becoming the May Queen no one will know she'd given herself in passion to her betrothed, Donnal before his death. Can she overcome the grief of losing the love of her life and find happiness as the May Queen?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.00