Echo in Time

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Echo in Time

Sector Guard, #20

Alara has been seeing different futures for herself and her family while she is sleeping. She has tried several times to change some of the futures she has seen for the better, however, it does not always worked for her. On her world "talents" have a bad life; they are rounded up and forced to work for their government in labs with no pay and no family around them. In "Shaken and Stirred" she got her cousin, Tosha, away to safety into the Sector Guard. The government has found out she has "talent" and she is forced to go into a lab. However, since Alara saw the future of this, she made plans to get herself out of the lab using Sector Guard people. While the scientists are trying to figure out her "talent" she meets a man named Brodin who is the head of a Sector Guard base. Brodin has a "talent" himself; he can lift tremendous amounts of weight. He has also been waiting a long time for his true mate. When Alara and Brodin finally meet and they touch each other, Alara's talent gets more focus.

This tale is peppered with many interesting and entertaining characters. For this book, the author has brought some of the unique characters that have been seen in her other books. Like most Sector Guard books, this tale is short on pages but long in emotions and suspense. The author wrote an Author Note at the end stating that there will only be five more books in this series but she continues the storyline of psychics in another series.

Special Notes: *Not a stand-alone. This continues a background story that was set-up in "Shaken and Stirred-Sector Guard 19".

Book Blurb for Echo in Time

Alara has spent her life under the radar, hiding her nature from the government and those around her. When it came to a choice of letting her cousin fall into servitude to their own government or live a life free in the stars, Alara stepped into the path of disaster and made sure that Tosha went free. Trapped and locked in a lab where other talents were incarcerated she meets a new friend and the man who has haunted her dreams for the last six months. General Brodin has fought wars and when his talent surged forward the government of Dhema sent him to the Sector Guard. He has waited patiently to find his true mate, and when he was told to get himself captured on Dalpha he did it without question. Seeing Alara for the first time, he knows why. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.50