Dying for a Taste

A Sally Solari Mystery

This cozy mystery has a major flaw and some minor flaws. The major flaw is the overuse of “cuss words” (f*ck, b*tch, and godd *mn, and many more) that kept appearing every few pages at the start of this book. The minor flaws include: a writing flow problem, some typos, and grammar errors. However, I did like her heroine and the world the author created for this story.

First of all, the use of the “cuss” words in this story dimed my enjoyment of this book by Leslie Karst. She might even lose a lot of readers who might have enjoyed her cozy mystery because she used “cuss” words in it. A lot of cozy mystery readers do not want their cozy mysteries to be like “real life”. They want a “fantasy” world they have built while reading a story. We also do not want graphic gruesome details on how the killing took place or about the dead body itself. It’s no longer “Cozy” at this point and the cover screams Cozy Mystery.

Next, the pacing is very slow. It starts out slow and stays slow to the end; even when the action starts to fly near the end of it. It’s still slow. I also found quite a few grammar errors in the hardback.

Last, I like Leslie Karst’s heroine, Sally, and the world that she built for “Dying for a Taste”. Sally used to be an associate lawyer at a big law firm but after her mother died she started working the front counter and managing the wait staff at her father’s restaurant; that was her mother’s job at their restaurant. I could see myself eating food at their Italian restaurant and at the French restaurant own by her aunt. Don’t get me started on the yummy food descriptions in this book because they made me very hungry while reading it!

Book Blurb for Dying for a Taste

After losing her mother to cancer, Sally Solari quits her job as an attorney to help her dad run his old-style Italian eatery in Santa Cruz, California. But managing the front of the house is far from her dream job.

Then in a sudden twist her Aunt Letta is found murdered in her own restaurant, and Sally is the only one who can keep the place running. But when her sous chef is accused of the crime, and she finds herself suddenly short-staffed, Sally must delve into the world of sustainable farming—not to mention a few family secrets--to help him clear his name and catch the true culprit before her timer runs out.

Leslie Karst serves a platter of intrigue in her stirring and satisfying debut Dying for a Taste, which is sure to become a new favorite of food mystery fans.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 3.00