Dragon's Lust

Kiana went to the place where the dragon lived so she could kill him. She wanted revenge for her brothers and her father. The dragon killed them. She fought with the dragon and was about to die so she took off her helmet and threw it at the dragon. The dragon could not believe they sent a female to kill him. Kiana told the dragon she was the last of her family to be alive; her mother had died. Instead of killing her, the dragon decided to keep Kiana. The dragon branded Kiana with his tongue in her uterus and made her hot so she would beg him to take her because his seed was the only thing that cooled the branding. She tried to leave him but did not get far because the branding made her body go insane. Will Kiana and the dragon become friends as well as lovers?


The story is a fast read. It is only 36 pages long! The author has blended and woven a passionate tale between a dragon and a woman. It is so hot you will need a fan to cool you off when reading it. The tale has interesting characters too.

Book Blurb for Dragon's Lust

Determined to avenge the deaths of her father and brothers, Kiana slips into the dragon Ranehz's lair with the intent to kill...and instead becomes his own. The dragon's brand drives Kiana mad with desire, and she soon discovers she's unable to resist him - more so in his handsome human form.

Lonely Ranehz has longed for a companion, and when Kiana enters his lair he can't believe his good fortune. Yet, once his branding wears off will she run or grow to love him for who he is?

Length: Photon (13K words)

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.00