Deal with the Devil

In the story you have a woman named Marie who makes a deal with the Devil. He will help her get a job promotion if Marie sleeps with him two days of the month for as long as he wants to sleep with her and no romance just sex. Then the Devil tells her if she agrees to the deal she will have a lot of pleasure. However, when the Devil finally says the deal is over; she will never have the same depth of pleasure the Devil gave her with another man. Marie agrees to the deal.

This is a good story but since this story is so short there is no depth to the characters. We have the "Devil" but the only devilish things he did was during an argument is his eyes glow red and said, "There we be hell to pay". He came off as a "vampire" and I expected his fangs to come out any minute. The woman in the book comes off being very boring because we don't know any thing about her except she wants a job promotion. However, the sex scenes are great and different from most books I have read before this one.

Book Blurb for Deal with the Devil

Marie knows she deserves the promotion she's applied for, but thanks to her co-worker (the boss' girlfriend), she knows she'll never get it. Sitting alone at a bar the night before she learns who will actually land the job, she meets a mysterious and devilishly sexy stranger who promises that all her dreams will be fulfilled...if they make a deal.

Before the night is over, Marie signs a contract with Nate in her own blood. Nate doesn't want her soul in return for fulfilling all that she desires. He wants her body...whenever and wherever he demands.

Could Marie have made a deal with the Devil himself?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 2.00